Midnight Snacks


It’s been a year since I’ve last posted on here. 

(1 year and one month to be exact.)

And in that time, a lot of things have changed:

-I moved

- I celebrated 26 years

- I got a new job

- I’ve written some new songs

- made and lost friends

- written like mad

- visited home

- fought depression

- celebrated the start of 2015 surrounded by friends

- celebrated 5 years with the woman of my dreams

and so much more. 

I came here to do a little bit of soul searching. A sort of public letter to myself. I have this overwhelming urge to be that guy people like. On the surface I try to seem like a really interesting person, but I have this fear that if people really get to know me they’ll realizing I’m a phony. I get the same thing playing music in front of other musicians. 

But I’m choosing to let that go. 

I love music. Sure I’m not the best guitar player, or singer, or lyricist…. but i love it with every fiber of my being.

I’m passionate about things that other people may label as nerdy or unimportant, but they make me happy. And the friends and family I’ve surrounded myself with love those things about me.

Looking at this list now, of what my last year has been filled with… I’m proud. I’m happy with who I’m with and whether or not music takes me somewhere I will love it and continue to nurture it within me.

The best I can do it be me, be compassionate, be daring, and be honest. And that’s what I’ll be doing. 

see you next year.

Pertaining to Dreams: 

May no one tell you what you cannot do.
May no one tell you where you’re headed.
May no one tell you wether or not you’re good enough.

The truth is they will try, with all their might, to sweep your legs out from under you and to have you abandon dreaming as they did. But this is merely the envy of ex-dreamers. The truth is they see a shadow of themselves in you and they truly wish to have remaind a dreamer like you.

So give them a smile and wish them well. Don’t look down upon them. Kindness is truly what they need and in some situations, with a little love, their dreams can he awoken and they will now look on your as a friend.

So shake up the world and dream on and let no one tell you otherwise.